Quite simply: Casey Brodley is a force to be reckoned with. I discovered Casey through some research on The Knot. My (now) husband and I were at odds on photography (i.e. it was my #1 priority and he normally runs from any cameras). When I showed him Casey’s portfolio online, he said, “OK. I can do this” and it was game-on from there. I threw her for a lot of loops throughout the course of our engagement and wedding. It started by requesting an engagement shoot inside a Mexican bodega, a gas station (guerrilla-style) followed by a bar and a basketball court at night. Anyone who knows anything about photography knows that those are not ideal conditions (or lighting!) and she nailed it all with a smile on her face. She was such a trooper and really encouraged our creativity. She never said “no” to anything. “Yes! We can do that!” “Yes! We can totally bum-rush this grocery store and take photos in the snack food aisle!” “Yes! Let’s take pictures in the dark while people are running around us on a basketball court!” Our engagement shoot was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and those silly but thoughtful photos make us laugh and smile every day. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, a few weeks later I called Casey to ask if she’d do a photoshoot with my brides-people, just ‘cause. I value my friends so much and wanted to have memorable photos of all of us together - not just on the wedding day - but as our normal, wacky selves. Again, Casey slung on her strap and hit the ground running chasing us around Los Angeles as we shot images all over our neighborhood with seven brides-people and I through outfit changes and a lot of laughter. She never blinked, she never hesitated and she never complained. The girl laid down in the middle of the street to get some of the best photos I’ve ever taken and ones I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. And then, the wedding: A day that’s too recent to remember every single detail but the one thing I do sense is the comfort and appreciation of having Casey by my side and cleverly invisible. She was in front of me when she needed to be and then vanished to capture more of the wedding from behind the figurative curtain. The girl has a vision. The girl has spunk. The girl has just the right melding of professionalism, tenderness and a bit of muscle to wrangle the whole wedding orchestra and ensure you walk away with the photos you want. Her talent speaks for itself (just look at her work!) but it’s beyond that. It’s who she is as a person. She’s the kind of girl you want to be friends with after all is said and done. You just want to be around her to shoot the sh&% and then strike a pose. She brings out the best in people and in turn, she captures the best in you. And she’s the only person on this planet who could get my husband to smile for the camera. I couldn’t recommend her enough on every level there is. If The Knot would let me, I’d give her twenty stars!
— Nasim, married December 3, 2016
Casey and I met and became friends in college, so I was so incredibly thrilled when she was able to shoot our October wedding in New England. Casey was an absolute dream to work with. She is so organized with how she shoots your day, and really protected time for my husband and I to take our first look away from all the day of craziness. We had originally planned to get married outside with a beautiful fall foliage backdrop, but the weather shifted severely and it was down pouring and freezing all day. Reassuring me the whole morning, Casey got us umbrellas, and stood outside and got soaking wet so we could get in some (STUNNING) photos with the leaves and colors. I was so discouraged that the weather forced us to get married in a tent and worried that it would ruin our photos, but Casey 100% turned my worries around within her first shot. Our day ended up not as planned, but still wonderful and beautiful, but Casey’s photos made everyone and everything look flawless. I am truly in awe of her talent and am forever grateful to her for delivering the most incredible photos that my husband and I, along with our family and friends, will cherish forever.
— Rae, married on October 22, 2016 in New Hampshire
The [sneak peeks] you sent are amazing— so clear, images so vivid! The [black and white photo] reminds me of an Ansel Adams “gel print”— is that the right descriptive word? I love black and white photos. And you captured the fall colors so well !

You are a gifted photographer! Thanks for your hard work! (John, the owner of Dexter’s Inn, said you were very impressive in everything you did. We agree! )

Thank you! Thank you!
— Susan, Mother of the Bride, wedding on October 22, 2016 in New Hampshire
Words cannot quite express Casey Brodley’s talent for photography and working with people. Casey shot our wedding in July 2016 in Santa Barbara. As someone who went to school for photography myself, I was very selective when it came to picking a photographer for my own wedding day. I spent months researching photographers. When I finally discovered Casey online, I knew her candid photojournalistic style of photography would be a good match for us. It was also important to us to find someone who is not just talented, but also who we like as a person. She is flexible, easy to reach, and put my husband and I at ease with her great sense of humor and quirky personality. She knows when to direct/pose people and when to step back and let the moment happen without being too intrusive. When we got our photos back after the wedding, we were completely blown away that she was able to capture an incredible image of every single important moment. It is rare to find a photographer that can capture not just a few great images from a day of shooting, but an entire portfolio full of stunning pictures. I cannot thank her enough for capturing these moments with images that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you for everything, Casey! We were so lucky to have you as our photographer.
— Emily, married July 2, 2016 in Santa Barbara
I knew from looking at Casey’s website that she was incredibly talented. All of her photos have a magical quality about them - perfect lighting, perfect composition, and I’m not sure if she only agrees to shoot extremely good-looking couples or if she’s able to just capture everyone at their most attractive. Either way, her website is impressive.
I highly suspected that we would get along when she suggested we grab a beer for our first meeting. She was low-key but professional, laid-back but knowledgable.
What I didn’t know was how extremely comfortable I would feel with both Casey and her videographer, Anthony, on the day of the wedding. It was like having two more friends who just happened to be taking beautiful photos and video. They were kind, they were funny, they were laser-focused, they were communicative, and they were relaxed.
A few hours after the wedding, Casey had already sent me a few sneak-peak photos. I still spend an embarrassing amount of time flipping though them on my laptop while I should be working and can’t wait to see all of her and Anthony’s work.
I can’t recommend Casey and Anthony enough - book them, book them, book them. They are amazing and I guarantee they will impress you.
— Lauren, married May 14, 2016 in Malibu
Casey is so unbelievably talented and such a pleasure to work with. We could not be happier with the way our engagement and wedding photos turned out.

Before our wedding, my husband and I had researched quite a few wedding photographers. We knew we wanted someone who could capture real moments, and true emotions. We didn’t want anything forced or uncomfortable.

Casey was kind enough to suggest we meet for coffee or drinks prior to signing a contract, to ensure both my husband and I felt comfortable with her being apart of such an important time in our lives. Casey is super down to earth, and really listened to our ideas.

On the day of our engagement shoot, my husband and I were slightly nervous, but Casey made us feel at ease, and captured some really beautiful moments.

Our wedding photos were equally as beautiful, and we were so pleased to see that Casey was able to capture every single detail. Our wedding day flew by, and it’s nice to look at the photos from it and think about all of the hard work that went into the planning and what a special day it turned out to be.
— Courtney, married November 7, 2015 in Oxnard
Let me first start by saying I HATE taking photos. I’m not good at it, I always feel funny in front of the camera and I tend to make weird faces even when I’m not trying to.

I should also tell you, I’m a TV producer so I work along side cameras every day and I’m not shy to say I am PICKY. I work with the most amazing TV & Video crews so I know a good shot when I see it. Couple that with the fact that I don’t really love the way I look in pictures, Casey had her work cut out for her.

I hired her based on a recommendation from a friend because I needed some new website photos done. I was putting it off forever and finally couldn’t wait any more.

Casey was AWESOME to work with. She totally put me at ease and complimented me along with way which made me feel super confident. My pictures came out very much looking like me, but better!

Can’t recommend Casey enough - working with her is a no-brainer!
— Dominique, TV Producer and Life Coach
After seeing wedding photos from a friend on Facebook, I knew we HAD to have Casey as our wedding photographer. I contacted her and we met soon after and immediately felt comfortable with her-something that was really important to us. She is so friendly and fun and encouraged us to give her feedback and photo inspiration (thanks, Pinterest!) Her prices are so reasonable, and her attention to detail far exceeded all my photo dreams.

Our engagement photos were so much fun! Casey sent us sneak peeks whenever she could, and turned the final photos around so much faster than we expected. She even helped me develop a photo schedule for the day of our wedding, which was so helpful.

She shared our excitement as we got closer to the wedding and we had the best time with her on our wedding day. I don’t know how she took photos from 2:30-11pm, but she documented our day from start to finish and had a smile on her face the entire time. The photos speak for themselves-we were lucky enough to have the best wedding photographer in Los Angeles. Thanks for everything, Casey! We love you :)
— Karen, married May 23, 2015 in Los Angeles
Casey is absolutely amazing! I met Casey through my husband and she is just fantastic. She took pictures that were very much us. She did our engagement and wedding photos. I will forever have her take my pictures. She has an awesome sense of humor and is extremely professional. She is seriously amazing. If you don’t book her, you’re missing out.
— Ashley, Married June 21, 2014 in Los Feliz
Casey did such a beautiful job photographing our wedding which was in May at Founder’s Park. The moment we met her, she was so friendly and easygoing which really helped the day of the wedding when we were both so nervous and excited. She was there to calm me down while getting amazing posed and candid shots. Casey is professional and stayed till the very end to make sure she captured all of our special moments with friends and family. I highly recommend her services for your wedding, bar mitzvah, baby shower, etc!
— Judy, married May 17, 2014 in Palos Verdes
Out of all the vendors we painstakingly chose - catering, flowers, DJ, etc. - Casey was absolutely the only one that was irreplaceable. I’m sure someone else could have made a yummy cake or played great music, but I don’t know that anyone else would have been able to capture our day as well and beautifully as Casey did. Her photography and editing skills are not only top notch, but she was such an ease to “work” with. Not having ideas of where in our venue to take the photos or what I wanted them to look like, she came in for a walk-through, and helped me find potential in places I never thought about. On the day of, she blended in seamlessly and captured some of the best candids, but when it did come time to posing for pictures, she gave great guidance. My husband is not a picture-taker so we had never really taken photos together of this calibre, and she made us feel so comfortable. We also did not have a videographer at our wedding, making our photos that much more important, and Casey delivered. There is one photo in particular that stands out. It’s a candid of his grandmother and my grandmother when they saw me for the first time. It is such a special photo, and since his grandmother has passed, we will cherish it forever. Just like all of them that help us revisit the joy and emotions we felt that day. I highly recommend Casey for one-of-a-kind, artistic and beautiful photos. She is a true talent and professional.
— Megan, married September 28, 2013 in Savannah, Georgia
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