Photo by Mary Costa Photography

about me:

Quite simply, I take pictures. I specialize in documenting weddings, lifestyle sessions, and family portraits in a natural and candid way.

My priority is keeping the people in front of my camera comfortable. When you're with me, you'll get a ton of compliments, a guide when you need it, and some quiet time when you don't (I'll just be in the bushes). 

I was recently named one of the top photographers in Los Angeles. I have also photographed a book. My work has graced the aisles of Target and (soon) the faces of greeting cards. But I think my proudest achievement to date was this. (I know, you’re totally impressed). 

You can e-mail me directly at Extra points if you send me something violently delightful (like this puppy losing it's mind at daycare).

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love for you to be my friend.