The Best Wedding Movies Of All Time

In celebration of finally bringing my wedding dress home this week (after almost a year after I bought it!) here's a list of my all-time favorite wedding movies that I'm going to force my fiancé to watch with me while we count down the days to our wedding (June 24th). 

Plus, of course, links to watch them online! Because I know ya wanna binge.*

A movie you can grow old with.

This is the only instance where I like a movie MORE than the book

In which we all definitively learn that Jello can never be crème brulée.

4. The Wedding Planner (<-- Netflix Link)

The only thing I learned from this movie was that no one should hire Jennifer Lopez to plan their wedding.

Because this is worth watching again just for the grandma.

Kristen Wiig is my sprit animal in this.

I'm so glad my bachelorette party didn't end this way... but it certainly felt like it.

I was seriously obsessed with this movie as a kid. What is more romantic than a story about kidnapping women out of their beds in the middle of the night and taking them prisoner for 8 months? But kidnapping aside, it's a fun musical and the guy that plays Benjamin is HOT.

Because who wouldn't want to see Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck smooch?

11. Wet Hot American Summer (<-- Netflix Link)

OK, this is kind of a stretch, but for a movie (and now TV show) that has to do with summer camp, there are are a lot of references to weddings in it. Plus, it's my favorite movie of all time, and this is my blog, so I'll include this movie on EVERY list I make if I damn well please. McKinley and Ben... this is for you.

12. Sabrina (<-- Hulu Link)

The original, starring Audrey Hepburn. Because a classic love triangle between brothers is what every girl dreams about when finding her soulmate.

13. Melancholia (<-- Netlfix Link)

I thought this movie was really boring the first time I saw it, but I just rewatched it because it takes place the night of a wedding and holy wow what a gorgeous piece of art this movie is. I want to frame every scene on a wall in my house. Watch it for Kirsten Dunst's dress and the end of humanity. 

One glaringly missing option is Father of the Bride, which for some reason is only available for streaming if you live in Australia. But for those of you hardcore fans, here are the TV listings when you can see it next!

I know there are SO many more, so would love to hear what your favorites are!

Happy binging,



*Unless noted, all links go to Amazon Streaming Video.