it's all in the details {the best wedding details i've ever seen}


I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this before! I’ve shot so many weddings, sometimes it can be a blur.

But one thing is for sure: the details are what make all the difference in making your wedding day one-of-a-kind. The right kind of details can also set Pinterest on fire. I’m pretty sure that’s a fact. Trends can take over full eras of weddings (I’m looking at you, mason jars) and someone is always the first to think of doing it.

Here are some of my favorite unique details from weddings I’ve shot (in no particular order):

A Paper Flower Bouquet and Boutonniere


I feel like the one wish I had after my wedding was that I wanted to save all my flowers, especially my bouquet. I wanted to keep my flowers forever. I wish I had thought of getting a custom made paper bouquet (like this one from The Striped Petal). I mean, look at those colors! And they are so realistic, you can almost smell them!

This Wisteria Balloon chandelier


I might have to recreate this to turn into a blog post, because if you can believe it, the piece hanging above my beautiful bride, Rae, was made by her by hand. Each of those white flower petals is actually a popped white balloon tied to a string of green yarn. The leaves are all paper. She strung each of these up by hand to make one very impactful piece that became the centerpiece of her ceremony and later, her dance floor. It was beyond impressive.

Alternative Table Numbers


Who wouldn’t love a twist on table numbers? If you plan on doing a buffet, you don’t really need numbered tables at all. And what better way to bring attention to your centerpieces than by naming each table something unique? In this case, my bride, Nicole, named her tables after famous duos in literature. It was not only creative, but it made everyone look around and laugh when they saw where they were sitting.

A bowtie made of feathers


Sometimes all you need is a little extra touch of something fun. I love a good unique accent for the groom, like a bolo tie, cool cufflinks, or a feather bow tie like this one. You can find similar ones on Etsy or specialty sites.

Leopard Print bridesmaid dresses

(and napkins!)


Leopard is the new blush. I’m calling it.

Hand poured candles in vintage glasses


It’s really difficult to figure out a good wedding favor that your guests actually want and will use after the wedding day. I think the number one complaint from brides and guests alike is that they think wedding favors can be a waste of money. And maybe that’s true, but I challenge you to get creative and think outside the box. My bride, Kaytee, collected antique colored glasses and poured her own candles for her favors. Every guest had one at their seat along with some personalized matches (which are both useful and cost effective gifts in and of themselves!). They lit up the whole reception, brought a nice touch to the table setting, and made a nice keepsake for after the wedding.

A Michael Jackson Impersonator


Or any impersonator or performance, if I’m being real. Similar to fast food, you don’t know true joy until a cover band or celebrity impersonator walks into a wedding reception and performs a set for the guests. This is one surprise treat your guests will be talking about for years, I promise. I mean, I’ve included it in this blog post, haven’t I?

Living room set ups outside


Why not just bring the comforts of home outside? There is something about sitting on a couch outside that is just satisfying. You don’t normally run into living room decor in nature, so why not make a fun spot for photo ops like this? Dan and Paige used a little Wes Anderson inspiration with their wedding details, and their love of film really came through with some vintage televisions set up around their outdoor venue.

An area rug for a dance floor


This brings a whole new meaning to “cut a rug,” amirite? This goes along with bringing the indoors outside, but maybe instead of renting a dance floor for your wedding day, a rug would make more sense! It’s soft on bare feet, easy to transport, and you can use it after the wedding. Not to mention, it makes a great centerpiece for your reception.

Late Night Fast Food Delivery


A wedding detail doesn’t always have to be decor or a fashion piece. Why not put a personal touch on your day with a surprise delivery from your favorite food truck or late-night fast food spot? Your guests have been drinking all day, and after a few hours on the dance floor, they’ll have built up an appetite. And the reaction of people getting a fast food burger at the end of a wedding? McDonald’s wishes they could pay for that level of excitement in any commercial.

So what do you think? Did you get some inspiration? Do you have any other details you’ve seen from weddings that you loved? When it comes to figuring out all the details of your wedding, it’s all about taking things you like and incorporating them in some way. And who cares if it’s traditional or not; It’s your day, why not have fun?